Bayside XC events - important things to remember


1) Bayside XC operates on behalf of LAVic:
U6-U16 athletes should
- be financial members of LAVic for the 2018/2019 season
- wear their centre top with subway chest patch at Bayside XC events

2) Photography is welcome with the following guidance

During the season there may be athletes at Bayside XC events who are unable to be photographed, please ensure that you are only photographing and/or sharing images of your own children and or those where they have parent permission. The safety of children is paramount and we appreciate you respecting and understanding this request.

3) Race guidance
we run the races in order below – exact number of races and therefore start times will depend on turnout on the day.
approx start times of races
1km (u6/u7/u8) – 9am
2km (u11/u12) – 9.15am
1.5km (u9/u10) – 9.30am
3km (u13+) – 9.45am

While the focus is on friendly competition, we do ask that parents/siblings stay off the course and refrain from running next to athletes for extended periods.


bald hill park, clayton